Community Development
It is our mission to empower individuals, families and communities through comprehensive community-based programs.
Child Protection
We render child protection services in the areas of: Wolseley, Montana, Montana HOP, Pine Valley, Kluitjieskraal and surrounding farms.
Changing lives
During the past year we delivered services to 339 families in the Wolseley.

We deliver a variety of child protection and family services

Badisa Wolseley Social Service have a mandate to act according to the Childrens Act, Act 38 of 2005 to protect vulnerable children

Prevention Services

Early Intervention

Statutory Services

Reintegration Services

Report Child Abuse

The Children’s Act and the Sexual Offence Act both establish mandatory reporting obligations to report abuse. Failure to report is a criminal offence, but more importantly it could leave a child at risk without support and services. 

When should you report?

If you suspect that there was/is abuse or deliberate neglect, it must be reported to one of three authorities: a designated child protection organisation like Badisa Wolseley, the provincial Department of Social Development or a Police Official.

The compulsory reporting obligation applies only to sexual abuse, physical abuse causing injury, and deliberate neglect. However, there are many other circumstances that may leave a child in need of care and protection. In these cases anyone can make a voluntary report.

The full list in section 150(1) of Childrens Act, Act 38 of 2005, provides that a child is considered to be in need of care and protection if, for example, the child:

  • Has been abandoned or orphaned and without visible means of support;
  • Lives or works on the street or begs for a living;
  • Is addicted to a substance and without support to obtain treatment;
  • Lives in or is exposed to circumstances which may seriously harm his physical, mental or social well-being;
  • Is in a state of physical or mental neglect (see the full list for more examples).

How to report abuse?

If you find a child in any of these circumstances listed you can make a voluntary report.


Download and complete Form 22.


Email your completed form to

If you need to report a case outside of Badisa Wolseley’s boundaries please submit your form to your local Child Protection Organisation, Police Official or Social Services Office.

There are various ways you can support our programme.


Your donation enable us to support families in need:

  • Donate non-perishable foods, fresh produce and meat for families in need.
  • Donate toiletries, especially sanitary products.
  • Donate cleaning supplies, such as dishwash liquid, bathroom cleaners, black bags, etc. 
  • Donate your second hand clothes for our clothing room.
  • Donate school clothes, shoes and stationery. 
  • Donate warm blankets, jackets, socks, scarves, etc this winter.


Please support our fundraising initiatives as we need funds to assist vulnerable children with treatment plans.

Follow us on Facebook or consider a monthly donation towards child protection and receive an article 18A receipt for tax deduction.

Banking Details: Badisa Wolseley Social Services, ABSA Bank Cheque Acc: 4049357690, Ref:  Your name and donation


We need the support of our community to heal the community. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Consider offering your professional service pro-bono. We often need the support of doctors, psychiatrists, phycologists, occupational therapists, and more. 
  • Host a fundraiser for Badisa Wolseley. 
  • Wash and repair second hand clothes and toys we receive as donations. 
  • Offer your expertise on our governing board. 
  • Wear black on Thursdays in support of ending violence against women and children. 

Contact us today

You can make a difference in the lives of the elderly. Contact us today to learn more about our programme and how you can get involved.