Huis Mostertshoek is situated in Wolseley, Witzenberg region surrounded by the magnificent Mostertshoek mountain.
Huis Mostertshoek deliver services to elderly which include frail care and assisted living.
Huis Mostertshoek also have dependable living units available. Residents enjoy homecooked meals, cleaning services, transport and medical assistance.

Huis Mostertshoek provides a variety of services

We focus on rendering an integrated service of residential care and community-based services to older persons according to the Older Persons Act (Act 13 of 2006).

24h Frail Care

Homebase Care

Residential Care

Medical Assistance


Cleaning Services


Awareness Campaigns

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There are various ways you can support our programme.


Volunteers play an integral part of our service delivery to the elderly. We need volunteers for the following:

  • Individuals who can share their expertise on finance, human resources, fundraising, building maintenance and more.
  • Individuals willing to transport elderly.
  • Weekly visits to residents to socialise, read or go on walks.
  • Individuals supporting and organising fundraising events.

Fundraisers and Donations

Our programme works hard to raise funds through various fundraising activities. This is to ensure quality care to our residents at affordable tariffs. Here are some ways you can make a difference:
  • Partner with our programme and support us with various needs. Such as building maintenance.
  • Support our fundraising initiatives. Follow us on Facebook for our latest events.
  • Donate bedding, draw sheets, mattresses, hospital beds, food products for our kitchen.
  • We need fans for our frail care rooms.
  • Consider a monthly donation towards the care of our residents and receive an article 18A receipt for tax deduction. Huis Mostertshoek, ABSA Bank Account number: 0460 400 228, Ref :  your name and donation. Kindly email us on to receive your tax receipt.

Adopt a Granny Project

Adopt a granny is a project close to our heart. When you adopt an elderly person you will receive a list of needs and information needed to support that person. When you adopt a granny, you chose how you would like to support that person. We will list some of the ways people support our residents:

  • Buy snacks and toiletries.
  • Spoil them on their birthday.
  • Come visit your person and enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Take your person out for tea and cake at your favourite coffee shop.
  • If you wish you can remain anonymous and simply support your person by delivering goods.

Contact us today

You can make a difference in the lives of the elderly. Contact us today to learn more about our programme and how you can get involved.