We are a support service who mobilizes volunteers to support elderly in the community. We create a homely space where our members can fully embrace their golden years.
Every one deserves to grow old with dignity, at the Service Centre we develop skills and stimulate elders so they can be the best version of themselves.
We empower elders with a space where they can feel at home and enjoy a social environment where they can make new friends.

The Service Centre offer various activities

The Service Centre is a community space where we learn skills, make new friends and grow old with dignity.


  • We open each day by reading scripture together. 
  • Administration and cleaning. Our members help to keep their space neat and tidy.


  • Our members enjoy various crafting and knitting projects.


  • Trimgym
  • Creative dances
  • Music Therapy
  • Performance Preparation


  • Bible studies and other religious activities


On Fridays activities vary, we share a few of our activities:

  • Health Discussions
  • Crafting, Colouring
  • Board games, Building Puzzles, Dominoes, and many more.

Exursions and Observation days

Our members enjoy excursions during the year:

  • Golden Games, Cape Wineland Municipality.
  • Age in Action: Seniors enjoy a day of fun.
  • Day of the Elderly Day of Art and Culture.
  • Observation of special days: Elderly rights awareness, Mandela Day, and Women’s Day.
  • Interaction with other Service Centers and residences in the Witzenberg region on National Barbecue Day.

Would you like to join the community at our Service Centre?

Contact the Program Organiser: Marian Booysen on 078 391 4173 or marian.booysen.dienssentrum@gmail.com.

You can become a volunteer at our programme

Medical Checks

Help us measure blood pressure and sugar levels. If you have your own device it will be very helpful.


Can you host an art workshop, can you assist with dramas? Your talents add value to our member's lives.


Spoil our members with manicures, pedicures and neck and head massages.


We cook a healthy meal for our members every day. Help us prepare the meals and clean the kitchen.

Your donations enables us to support elderly in Wolseley.


Consider a monthly donation towards our programme and receive an article 18A receipt for tax deduction.

Bank Details

Badisa Dienssentrum ABSA Current Account no.: 405 101 0886 Branch Code: 632 005

Food Bank

We support elders with monthly food parcels. Donate towards our Food Bank.

Donate food

Milk, bread, tinned goods, sugar, tea, coffee, porridge, beans, etc. Contact us for more details 078 391 4173.


We support elders with toiletry parcels. Donate towards our cupboard.

Donate Toiletries

Soap, toothpaste, facecloths, toothbrushes, lotion, baby powder, etc. Contact us for more details 078 391 4173.

Sponsor and Elder

Want to make a difference in your community?

For only R500 per month

You can sponsor an elder to join our group. This includes daily lunch, activities and excursions. Contact us for more details 078 391 4173.

Contact us today

Change lives today. Contact us and learn how you can get involved.